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A CD and a photo album. Destroyed is the double personal project that musician Moby has presented in Italy in a series of events including live concerts and exhibitions in art galleries. First in Milan, with an exhibition at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, then Bologna at Inde Le Palais, and finally in Rome with an exclusive event at the Open Colonna for professionals only ...


Published on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011.

Yes, you heard me right, Moby, the international star of electronic music, has challenged the camera in an attempt to describe the confusing phenomenon of "Touring", today. No professional turning in action. The New York musician (Harlem, 1965) who, following a brief music-related post-punk sound period became better known for his electronic music recordings producing millions of sales (memorable pieces are "Why does my heart feel so bad?", "Porcelain", "we all are Made of Stars "), has just decided to give space to another art. Photography, moreover, is far from being foreign to the training of the musician. Richard Melville Hall, the direct relative of the famous author of "Moby Dick", before becoming Moby, took a degree at the Faculty of cinema and photography at Purchase College, State University of New York. He has always been very fond of SLR since his uncle, a photographer for the New York Times, gave him a camera at the age of nine. This is a memory that Moby shared with guests at the event prepared for the exclusive Roman leg of the presentation of the book Destroyed (Damiani Editore) on July 25th, conceived and organized at the space Open Colonna by the Association Obiettivo 2013. The climate of the evening was "birthday party" (only 50 guests for dinner.) Celebrated the skinny artist, casually dressed, with sneakers and a cotton T-shirt with long sleeves.

immagini dal libro Destroyed di Moby, edito Damiani
After a "flash" presentation of the volume, with an introduction by Massimo Cotto, which was followed by Moby’s ironic self-presentation, addressing to guests in Spanish. The guests all enjoyed the vegan meal prepared by chef Antonello Colonna for diners (the artist, avid vegan, specifically requested a menu of vegetables only.) Projected onto the glass wall of the Open Colonna were 55 images and a video shot by the artist. Airports, hotel rooms, city views, various panoramas clicked from the window of an airplane, accompanied by the roar of the crowd during the concert, images that express at full the idea of loneliness and alienation of the artist's work, the photo book thread. Difficult, in this sense, not to mention the "non-places" of anthropologist Marc Augé, to better describe the photographic work of the musician.  

immagini dal libro Destroyed di Moby, edito Damiani
As Moby himself declares "To go out on Tour is a disorienting experience, for a variety of factors: a) a life constantly wandering and nomad b) the anonymous spaces (hotel rooms, backstage areas, airports); c) 'total isolation (hotel rooms) alternated with the immersion in a sea of people, d) the fact of occupying increasingly artificial spaces created by others (...)". The book's title, Destroyed, is the final part of a luminous sign of security that said: Unattended luggage will be destroyed. It teaches that Moby has photographed the desert La Guardia Airport in New York for the book cover.

video proiettato sulla vetrata dell'Open Colonna durante la serata. credits Nordine Sajot
The artist explains "One of my goals is to take normal shots and position them as eccentric, and then capture the eccentric by presenting it as normal." Among the photographers who have inspired him the most is Andre Kertesz, one of the innovators of contemporary photography of the last century, who proved that any aspect of the world deserves to be photographed. Other photographers, most recent, like Sally Mans and Wolfgang Tillmans in the same way have influenced Moby’s creative research. Photographs were taken with a digital camera , then edited with Lightroom program a "Photoshop for the stupid" Moby said, adding that: "the photographs were taken at random, without the idea of a book.". 

concert live della serata. credits Nordine Sajot
The intimate mood of Moby’s photography is totally reflected in the sound of the music album, acoustic and elegant rather than the technology best characterizing the work of Moby. "The pieces of music and shots - says the artist – were shot in the same period, and have been inspired by the sublime and the bizarre world tour." 15 tracks for a “soft” sound album which the guests could enjoy at the end of the dinner with a short live concert of the artist accompanied by the extraordinary London based singer, Joy Malcolm.

curated by rebecca vespa

Monday July 25th, 2011 temporary exhibition and book presentation 

Destroyed by Moby

Damiani editore 

Open Colonna (Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome)

Exhibition stops:

From May 10th to June 26th 2011, NYC

From May 18th to June 19th 2011, London, Proud Gallery

From May 19th to June 4th 2011, Ghent (Belgium) A&Gallery

From May 21st to May 27th 2011, Berlin MADE Gallery

From May 2nd to June 4th 2011, Paris, Colette

From May 17th to June 7th 2011, Milan, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea 

From June 1st to June 13th 2011, Amsterdam - Galerie Alex Daniels 

From July 21st to July 28th 2011, Bologna, L'Inde Le Palais

From September 10th 2011, Los Angeles, Kopeikin Gallery


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