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The works of Angelo Bellobono and Vania Comoretti side by side The Whitelabs gallery offers a double exhibit of the two young artists who are investigating in opposite ways the art of portraiture ...
<b>Vis-à-Vis</b>published Monday 2 May 2011 
Vis-à-Vis. Angelo Bellobono. “About Freedom” & Vania Comoretti. “Iris” curatec by Nicola Davide Angerame, is a project which grows from the work of two young artists, together for the first time, and each with their first personal show in Milan. "The exhibition is the meeting between these two very different artists, the curator explained, starting from diametrically opposed positions." Vania Comoretti (Udine, 1975) – artist from Udine, winner of the first Saatchi Showdown prize– proposes a limit-pushing project that analyzes, and at the same time dissects through drawing, the human face with special attention paid to the gradations of color of the iris. 
"The drawing goes beyond hyper-realism, comments Angerame, culminating in the ultra-drama, where the skin is portrayed in all its minimum details, even adding information to reality." 
The artist pays obsessive attention to detail, depicting every wrinkle of the face, and resolveing the drawing in a ultra-realistic manner bordering on genetic mapping. The game of intersections between portraits is not just a matter of aesthetic similarities. The artist not only analyzes the color of irises, depriving such areas of their three-dimensionality so as to become pure color palettes, but also traces the family history of the protagonists. While it is true that the eye color genetically is influenced by the pressure of the encounter between individuals, but the artist wants to go further. Angelo Bellobono - about freedom #03 (julian) 2011 120x120 cm acrilico su tela Vania Comoretti scans her iris and finds the same colors and the same nerve pattern as his maternal grandmother and her father. "Vania’s iris", Angerame states, "is the result of a mix between the two irises. In the project design becomes a mass under the microscope of these biological, but also emotional, entities, emotional because they belong to a family group." The anthropometric analysis suffers a setback where it supersede family ties. The ties of nature are to the artist even more emotional. The link between the two artists is the face: hard and impenetrable, in the first case and non-stretched in the second. Angelo Bellobono (Nettuno, 1964) in fact precedes the universal to the individual, but its reference landscape is always that of the face. The projects start with the Treatise by John Stuart Mill, On Liberty. The series, however, is part of a study undertaken a decade ago on the concept of identity. The character portraits have a precise identity, still due to the ideal of freedom. The artist moves easily between different absolute ages and between systems of thought, research the concept of freedom. From Assange to Stuart Mill, from Obama to Aung San Suu Kyi, to arrive at a reconstruction of the face of the first European man who migrated from Africa to Romania 35,000 years ago. 
Vania Comoretti - after trittico (elemento dell’installazione IRIDE) 2011 acquerello, china e pastello su carta cm 27 x 20)
It is a irony of history, but also irony of fate. Figures of men, devoid of any accessories or coloration, flank one another by careful design, attention to the smallest detail and marking of the human face. Why does stripping the figures of famous people of their social role not embody the concept of freedom? Painting is always a mystery at start, responds Angelo Bellobono.

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by irene falck

from 9 April to 7 May 2011

Vis-à-Vis. Angelo Bellobono. About Freedom & Vania Comoretti. Iride

curated by Nicola Davide Angerame

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