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The pact has been made. Gianni Alemanno, Dino Gasperini, Umberto Broccoli, Francesco Giro and Emmanuele Emanuele along with 19 public and private co-stars were all, or almost, in line at the Roman Capitol for the signing. An agreement project has been formalised for a smooth cultural display system in the Italian capital. The principles of equity were on stake. All in the name of a common good: culture ...
Published on Thursday July 7th, 2011 
"A Special Day". That’s the first sentence that set the tone of the speech given during the press conference yesterday at the Roman Capitol by Dino Gasperini, Councillor for Culture in Rome. The conclusion of a "wonderful adventure, key step in a process that has seen converging public forces and private institutions”, says the commissioner, an initiative that seems to be a safe bet. This is the major project with great exponential potential, ROMAEXHIBIT Art and Exhibitions in Rome, thought for the eternal city, so much so that the striking elements of the name is in its Latin diphthong ae, "Rome." Protagonists and signatories of the MoU, together with Alderman for Culture and Historic Centre of Rome are 19 public and private entities in the capital, to certify an "overall picture" of Rome’s exhibitions. Sitting on top of the "cabin room ", a very proud Gasperini, who with this project allows the system to display the cultural offer of the City. "The largest display system ever built in this country. We begin by presenting the next six months of cultural planning in the capital with the intent to get to the presentation of the exhibitions program with three years in advance". Gasperini provides "an important aspect from a touristic point of view as well as from the standpoint of saving money " he notes. Another important aspect of the matter is the principle of parity that will be followed. The entire programming Dino Gasperiniwill be, in fact, evenly distributed to avoid overlap of content and opening dates. "From the competition we are now passing onto the partnership", the exhibition facilities will make mutual publicity: the signatories will indicate the websites of museums and exhibition spaces of the links with the partners of the Memorandum of Understanding, and affix the logo RomÆxhibit. Among the changes, the initiative Colonna Gallery, home to a shopping mall, will also be used as an exhibition space. A subtle comparison as of the authorship of the idea seems to play between Dino Gasperini and Francesco Giro, undersecretary for cultural heritage. The commissioner recalls the romantic days of his establishment in Piazza Campitelli, and the letter of the President of the Rome Foundation (Emanuele), which proposed the idea of working in a concerted action between the exhibition realities of Rome in order to get to the establishment of a unitary identity, "a simple idea, then unfortunately abandoned, and now back on track, " and precisely by Gasperini. Giro has the opposite opinion, since he doesn’t speak of a simple idea, but of "political choice", or rather an "old" choice born from the technical and administrative predecessor Umberto Croppi . Then the Secretary gives a little 'numbers " There are over 34 million tourists of art in Italy, nothing compared to the 74 million recorded in Germany, for example," in total "11 million in the structures of the Lazio , 9 in Rome of which 6 million in favour of archaeological sites. "An imbalance that this project will attempt to heal by diverting the prototype of “Colosseum" kind of tourist, Gianni Alemannoin other exhibition spaces. Giro extends his speech by announcing another major operation, "after the restoration of the Colosseum comes the Castel Sant'Angelo one" ... he concludes his speech, he takes his bags and he leaves. It’s Emmanuele Emanuele’s turn. "A project that marks an overcoming of difficulties of synergy between public and private sectors, "said the President of Rome Foundation," which can offer a toponymy of exhibition spaces, putting them in connection with a mobility system, hopefully free, that the municipality will provide ". Gasperini promises a "unique" ticket, "integrated" for those wishing to visit more exhibitions, apart from shuttles available to help mobility. Also discusses the case of the possible privatization of the Exhibition Palace and Quirinale Stables Palexpo. When asked by a reporter in the room, the President Emanuele states "these are the usual urban legends." Umberto Broccoli, superintendent of the cultural heritage of Rome, underlines the "stubbornness" of Gasperini in accomplishing the initiative. "This is a common protocol that cares about its cultural capital", stated in his brief address the Maire of Rome, Alemanno. "The Sound of Music". The parties are committed right now to participate in the permanent table for consultation to ensure an offer of exhibitions that range in quality and consistency. In a short while, the website of the initiative will also be activated.

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