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Until December the 31st, 2010
Nora Schultz
Rome, Giuliani Foundation
Avere luogo. To take place. An imperative, an exhibition and most of all an occasion for the Giuliani collection to open its doors to the public, and Nora Schultz accepts the invitation...
fino al 31.XII.2010<BR><b>Nora Schultz</b><BR>Rome, Giuliani Foundation Published Monday, November 8, November, 2010
The Giuliani foundation is keeping its promise and officially opening its doors to a cycle of events displaying works of art from the collection, which represents big names from the national and international art scene. For the occasion, artist and curator Nora Schultz (Frankfurt, 1975; lives in Berlin), is being presented for the first time in Italy, offering a unique opportunity for the Roman foundation and the German artist, who has been given total freedom to interact with the collection’s pieces. Some of the works exposed date from 2007, such as Model for a stage, Arrow sculpture, and the series Ergodynamischer Stuhl or Autoscale, and others have been conceived especially for this event. For the debut, Schultz proposes a group of original installation artworks, combining elements consisting of reinforced concrete, metal plates, iron tubes, ropes, rubber mattresses, and magnets.
Nora Schultz - Print Station avere luogo (particolare) - 2010 - tecnica mista - dimensioni variabile - photo Gilda Aloisi
As one meanders through the maze, or rather fragmented path derived from Minimal Art, the expressivity is reduced to the maximum. The artwork’s strengths lies in the ability to turn the exhibition space into a place, a live dimension that is constantly changing. Many works like Model for Underground Airport (After Vantongerloo), Underground Airplane, Print Station Avere Luogo, Untitled and others were conceived exclusively for exhibition in the peculiar settings of the Giuliani Foundation. Sculptures, assemblages, installations, projections and collages occupy the three dimensions, and therefore take up complete spaces. They are on the ground, hanging on the walls or suspended in the air. By facing these works, the spectator is invited to put aside his or her inner needs, and to witness experiments that combine essence with appearance, allowing the images to reveal themselves.
Nora Schultz - avere luogo - veduta della mostra presso la Fondazione Giuliani, Roma 2010 - photo Gilda Aloisi
What is the process through which Schultz draws on Giuliani’s rich repertoire of works? In the exhibition rooms Vito Acconci introduces only one work, Study for Revised Proposal for Spanish Landing, San Diego Harbour, allowing the rest of the collection to be discovered rather through a relationship which tends to be less physical and more mental.  Through this indirect approach made via photographic means, Schultz presents an intimate portrait of himself using snapshots of the works of Andre, LeWitt, Cecchini, Calzolari, Schneider, Long... The subject of the image itself is represented by the collection, where space and works of art become inter dependant.

giulia lopalco
exhibition visited on October the 14th, 2010

From October the 9th to December the 31st 2010
Nora Schultz - avere luogo
Giuliani Foundation for Contemporary Art
Via Gustavo Bianchi, 1 (Testaccio) - 00154 Rome
Opening Times: Tuesdays to Fridays 15-19.30; Saturdays by appointment
Free Entrance
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