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What are the projects brewing for Frieze Art Fair?
Frieze, one of the most renowned global art fair is opening its doors as of next October. Nevertheless, Exibart got hold of the most spicy news related to the much awaited event of this coming Autumn for both collectors and galerists taking place in the European meltin'pot capital, London. Discover who the selected artists  for the prestigious Frieze Projects are...


Published on Friday, June 24th, 2011

Frieze Art Fair has recently declared that the agenda of the edition of Frieze Projects taking place this following autumn is going to be crowded with interesting projects. The section will be curated by Sarah McCrory. Eight artists have already been appointed to produce art related assignments by the organisers of the fair. Other than them, the artist who obtained the Emdash Award Commission prize is already working on a project to be displayed during the next Frieze Fair. 

The selected artists for this year are: Pierre Huyghe, Bik Van der Pol, Olivier Laric, Christian Jankowski, LuckyPDF, Laure Prouvost , Peles Empire and Cara Tolmie. The Emdash Award 2011 artist is Anahita Razmi.


Bik van der Pol will produce a big “scoreboard” moved constantly with the help of a team of supporters who will have the responsibility to continually adapt the terminologies and citations that emerge on the art piece.

Pierre Huyghe will be present with an aquarium designed for a maritime environment implementation. There will be actors starring as the fish in this innovative chronicle that is together accurate and impulsive.


Christian Jankowski will be holding an auction in favour of a lavishing yacht. A yacht trader will be standing nearby at a counter looking like a characteristic marine fair. As a consequence there will (hopefully) be possible customers that will be able to jump onto guided tours as If the visitors were to be at an actual naval sale. In fact chances are that this artwork will turn out to be a tangible sale. The purchaser will have the privilege of possessing, other than an impressively stunning yacht, an artwork by Jankowski.

Olivier Laric is implementing a collection of video to be displayed and sold at Frieze Fair. The excerpts will arrive to the public realm. The video will be showed in great resolution together internally and externally to the fair. The videos altogether will be characterised by special effects including the slow motion.


Lucky PDF is welcoming thirty artists. Each one of them is going to show their job throughout live TV and Radio programmes which will take place in the fair, comprising conversations with artists, recorded performances and many other events soon to be revealed. The public can join these experience at the fair or they can choose to look at the rebroadcasts. The recordings will be accessible on  the website of Frieze Fair.

Peles Empire will duplicate a bar and an interior scene, an essential part of the installation.

Laure Provost will mount a chain of boards in the Frieze exhibition space.

Cara Tolmie will construct a performance concentrating on the leitmotifs of the speaking voice and the tale, in order to generate an illusory space via the vehicles of  speech, music and movement.

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