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Until 10.X.2010
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Bielefeld, Kunsthalle
International fusion of flavours for the global artist par excellence. The Museum becomes a home, cosy place for exchanging. Within which reflecting on the social nature of art...
Until 10.X.2010<BR><b>Rirkrit Tiravanija</b><BR>Bielefeld, KunsthallePublished on Tuesday, 7 September 2010
For vegetarians the chicken can be replaced with tofu in Green Curry with Chicken: sensorial experience combining chilliís virility with coconut milkís softness. Page 26 of the "special" cookbook by Rirkrit Tiravanija (Buenos Aires, 1961; he lives in New York), Just Smile and don't Talk/Cook Book, catalogue of the exhibition organized by Bielefeldís Kunshalle. It is a pot of Thai culinary traditions, the artistís culture of belonging. He was born in Argentina from Asian parents and grew up between Bangkok, Ethiopia, Canada, Chicago and New York. On the occasion of the opening of this retrospective conceived on the food leitmotiv, Tiravanija - fitted with wok and blender, cutting board, knives, sticks and forks - performed in the usual presentation, by involving the public in this ritual of affection, supply, nourishment. Making art accessible to all is the basis of his message, as well as putting the audience in an independent position while interacting with the work, it being object-installation-performance.
Rirkrit Tiravanija - Chew The Fat - 2008 - 12 dvd/monitor - courtesy Neugerriemschneider, Berlin & Kunshalle, Bielefeld - photo Jens Ziehe
For him to cook means feeling at home, anywhere in the world. To rediscover a taste, is synonymous of individual and collective identity. Tradition integrates with creativity, open in the search for new hybridization: sandwiches, meatballs, pancakes or rice noodles ... A handful of curry is never lacking, as well as a surprising touch of cardamom or a refreshing splash of lime. On one side of the German Museumís first floor are a series of photographic images (a total of 110) called Untitled (2005), tracing the gastronomic and artistic gestures of this "relational art" protagonist. On the other side there is a large installation also called Untitled, containing works as The magnificent seven and Spaghetti western made in 2001. Here the spacious hallís floors are decorated with orange-white-aluminium colours and the theme of kitchen is always present. In the meanwhile, a message on canvas surrounded by a black background called: "The Party is Over" (Untitled, 2005) grabs the visitorís attention.
Rirkrit Tiravanija - Untitled (The Magnificent Seven, Spaghetti Western) - 2001 - installazione - dimensioni variabili - courtesy Kunsthalle, Bielefeld
There is also a quote/homage: Andy Warhol/Rirkrit Tiravanija where the exhibition at the Gallery Gavin Brown's Enterprise of New York in 1994 is rebuilt. Another room is occupied by 12 monitors: Chew The Fat (2008) - presented at New Yorkís Guggenheim and in other international museums - "documentary portrait" - in which Tiravanija interviews other artists (Elizabeth Peyton, , Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Douglas Gordon, , Pierre Huyghe and Angela Bulloch) on their work. "His art reflects the relationship between Sun and Rain," writes Thomas Kellein, Director of Bielefeldís Kunstverein: "A storm is always possible, but we donít know if or when, it will arrive".

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show visited on August the 12th, 2010

From August the 11th to October the 10th, 2010
Rirkrit Tiravanija - Just Smile and Donít Talk
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