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MADE SPACE: people and thoughts behind a new type of gallery
Here is a tale of the Berlin art space where multimedia art experiments come together in a nice package. East Berlin shows that what is best is kept secret, or maybe not...
EmmeIn a city where, since November 9, 1989, East and West have been looking for new ways to live together, it is not always cool to be cool. The creative community is very aware of what Being Berlin means, and the gentrification processes are often seen as a dangerous sign of loss of that wild-urban identity of which Berliners,  old and new, are so fond.
The artists perceive themselves as the best kept secret of an exterminate concrete jungle that allows them not to deal with time and space constrictions as long as the secret is kept. Commercial operations need to be very careful about using this local creativity for their purposes: it is very easy to lose artistic credibility when big brands get involved.
One noticeably successful example of privately financed cultural initiative is MADE, a multidiscipline art space fully supported by Absolut Vodka.
MADE is the place where you want to go when you have enough of the "run down/raw concrete/I don’t care how I look" look of most of the Berlin venues, and you are in need of a more conscious, respectful, civilized way to present art. MADE fills with unexpected beauty the 9th floor of one of the monstrous buildings around Alexanderplatz, the gigantic square hub of the city's public transportation network, filled with department stores and construction sites.


The space is designed to impress: architect Alexis Dornier found a brilliant solution to mix the simplicity and flexibility of a traditional gallery, the excitement of a live venue, and the enjoyability of a hi-end lounge bar. Smooth, wide, candid, moving walls, animated by a stunning lighting system: over 200 custom-designed lights hanging from the ceiling, changing colour, intensity, direction, to give the projects presented a powerful emotional commentary.
Behind the multimedia, cross-disciplinary program, a team of determined creatives. First of all the founder and matriarch of the house: tadiROCK, a German designer/pop-artist/curator previously known for glitter, disco balls, icon friendly creations. We asked Nico Zeh, co-founder, marketing and PR supervisor, some insights on the programming: “The concept of MADE is simple: various creative minds come together to create and realize something they have never done before in a collective endeavor”. When we insist on the criteria behind the selection, and the type of support offered, Zeh answers:”It is all about the idea and the creative process. The artist gets full support to develop the idea – space, budget, guidance and team support”.


The projects realized so far highlight a taste for contrast between technology and tradition, mainstream and underground: a drill and a violin creating poetic artefacts in Valse Automatic, dance and design combined in the live exhibition Typographic Ballet, or the new star of R’n’B Aloe Blacc involved in a collaboration with a painter and a chamber music orchestra. Other events include books and magazine launches, or film screenings like the documentary EYE CANDY on David LaChapelle.
For any artist who wants to overcome in a glittery fashion the uncomfortable, exciting experience of collaboration, in Berlin there is a place to get it MADE.

Marcello Pisu

Made Gallery
9th Floor
Alexanderstrasse 7
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