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Beyond spaces in Berlin
Stefania Angelini is opening a new exhibition space and exchange forum dedicated to contemporary artist and new media in Berlin, which was first opened to the public just yesterday. The odds of the off space are herein listed. Is Berlin the most democratic European artistic hub?


Published on Friday, July 1st, 2011

Stefania Angelini is opening a new exhibition space and exchange forum dedicated to contemporary artists and new media in Berlin.

The Atelier Kunst(spiel)raum was first opened to the public in the lively cultural capital of the new century, Berlin, just yesterday. Young curator Stefania Angelini is behind the concept of this new art space. This fresh character on the art scene first got drawn to the art world due to its implication with psychology. Few people know that in fact Angelini comes from this very background: she initially devoted her studies to Psychology, to then consider that the inventions carried out by the artists are nothing but a product of their personalities’ effects. Angelini further studied the viability between the two sectors through a degree in Art history followed by a Master in History of Collections.

The choice of an artistic space in Berlin happened accidentally, since Angelini made a trip to Germany over the spring of 2010, and there she discovered an ambience that turned out to be a real eye-opener for her artistic insights. She moved to Berlin straight away, since the conception of off space- galleries there suited her non-conventional ideas in a much more appropriate manner than those in London, Paris or New York do. In fact these places characterize Berlin art scene by their direction towards the creative implications between artists and galerists, that abound herein. This is the place where ideas flow freely, without the constraint of economic revenues. The city offers an affordable lifestyle to both artists and art dealers, which make it easier for these categories to get in touch with one another. 


The non-profit based plan at Atelier-Kunst(spiel)raum is to host artistic events on a weekly basis where the whole art scene can gather together in a spontaneous atmosphere in order to brainstorm artistically and make connections to help raising the niche market represented by emerging artists. Other than a trade and display space the Atelier is going to host and give shelter to those artists invited to work on the projects to be shown at the gallery. 

The inauguration took place yesterday with the launch of a first show which title sound like a euphemism for the Atelier itself. Beyond traces the path of artists which come from very different backgrounds, since the main interest behind the very idea of the Atelier is to portray a multitude of views on art thus allowing an individual lecture free from the imposing aura of categorization. Among the artists present in this first collective exhibition are people of the calibre of Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Leandro Quintero and Daniela Huerta who try to mirror the concept of beyond. 


Visual art will tangle with sound effects, since, as the galerist sees it, they are inter-related in the artistic world. Hence, film programs and sound performances will follow the exhibitions at the Atelier. 

curated by eleonora galasso

BEYOND   Art Show & Gathering

Exhibition 02.07 - 03.07  4pm-8pm 


34 Großbereenstraße

Kreuzberg 10965, Berlin

Opening Hours:Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm to 8pm

Tel. +49 (0)151 2419 5997



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