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Until 4.IV.2011
The Talent Show
New York, P.S.1
Exhibitionism and voyeurism: which side are you? An exploration of the relationships between participants and visitors. From Manzoni to Youtube videos of strangers in search of Fame ...
Until 4.IV.2011<BR><b>The Talent Show</b><BR>New York, P.S.1Published on Friday, March 04th, 2011
In recent years, the growing success of reality shows and talent competitions and have stimulated the appetite of the audience for the phenomenon of instant fame, small scale versions of which can be observed in the various "social media," virtual places where even the most introverted now advertise the details of their lives as if in a public theatre. At the same time, Governments around the world harness the latest technologies in order to enhance the eye of the Big Brother, thus creating unsuspecting "participants". The exhibition The Talent Show examines the multiple variants in the relationship between artists, spectators and participants that shape the conflicting desires of reputation and privacy, a contradiction that has been branding  our present already for some time now. Witness to this is the artwork located at the entrance: The Magic base/living sculpture by Piero Manzoni, a dais lit by a light cone, which is irresistible to visitors, who do not hesitate to jump on it in order to take a photo, enthusiastic participants of a work whose intent was, among other things, to stress that very enthusiasm. A social trend already present in ' 61, which got Warhol's interest; a few years after he started shooting a series of auditions in order to document the reactions of individuals placed in front of a camera for 4 minutes in a row, there is a projection (Robin) behind Manzoniís platform. Warhol was speaking about this project when he invented the expression "15 minutes of Fame", prophesying a future in which every Member of society would have enjoyed these 15 minutes at least once in their lifetime. Each visitor setting foot in the exhibition can feel its thrill, going through multiple rooms in which their presence openly interact with the work. It will be inevitable, however, to note the potential illness hidden in the search for exhibitionism, manifested by the protagonists of the youtube video selected by Amie Siegel. 
Piero Manzoni - Base Magica/Scultura Vivente - 1961 / Andy Warhol - Robin - 1964 - courtesy Matthew Septimus, New York
From here the exhibition takes distinctly voyeuristic turn, starting Sophie Calle, famous stalker, who in this exhibition shows a particularly intrusive project in which the life of a man, whose agenda Calle found randomly, is told in detail through interviews made to the contacts found in the heading of the agenda. Also to be found are Adrian Piper with Context # 7 and Gillian Wearing with his "posters that say what you want instead of posters that say what someone else wants you to say". Inevitable is the presence of Shizuka Yokomizo with her Stranger photography project dating ' 99, in which the artist collects photos of strangers writing a letter to the inhabitants of houses overlooking the street, asking them to pose for her at a precise time of one day in particular, switching on all lights in the house and looking out for a few minutes.
Peter Campus - Shadow Projection - 1974 - telo da proiezione, spot light, telecamera di sicurezza, proiettore - Hessel Museum of Art, New York
It is with Phil Collins that the exhibition reaches the apex of voyeurism, with its Free Photo Lab: a project in which the artist promises free development of film portraying strangers in return for the rights to use their photographs. The result is an intimate (and priceless) look in the lives of disparate subjects, causing a wide range of feelings in the audience, all accompanied inevitably by one's humanity, after a first moment of fierce curiosity for one's neighbor.

charlotte cirillo
show visited on January the 16th, 2011

From December the 12th to April the 4th, 2011
The Talent Show
curated byPeter Eleey
Contemporary Art Center
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