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The Chinese affair
Shanghai has lately demonstrated to having turned out to be the ultimate hot-spot for Chinese contemporary art and creativeness. This current month Shanghai is going to experience two consequent fruitful occasions...


Published on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011.

Shanghai has lately demonstrated to having turned out to be the ultimate hot-spot for Chinese contemporary art and creativeness.                                      This current month Shanghai is going to experience two consequent fruitful occasions: two art fairs that will display the most innovative Asian art.Respectively SH Contemporary and the Shanghai Art Fair are two of the largely remarkable art fairs on Shanghai's art schedule this season. 

This year was crucial for the development of China over Britain growing to be the second leading art market in the world, sitting on the throne one place next to the United States. Moreover, Chinese collectors are spending more and more money in contemporary Asian art. 

The entire world is aware of the fact that China is experiencing the biggest worldwide economic boom ever perceived in the last century. This is certainly where the money is, and the market of art naturally follows the best location of the general market.


The Shanghai Art Fair is China's leading art oriented event and had its firs edition in 1997: it has now become the primary event in dimension along with other key art fairs in Asia, whereas Sh Contemporary (The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Fair) increases its importance as years go by. What’s more to it is the fact that well renowned art galleries at an international level turn to it as a reference point for the Chinese market. 

SH Contemporary was inaugurated in 2007, one year prior to the massive economic collapse that saw China taking over the rest of the continents. As of today, this fair acts as a magnet for over 30,000 people and well respected collectors coming from all corners of the world: North America and Europe China, as well as China and the whole of Asia as last edition numbers prove it. The topic of SH Contemporary’s 2011 edition is "All that is new in Shanghai". This seems quite a suitable designation for an art event such as this one, which is making an effective effort to exhibit components of China’s flowering art landscape.

The operations of the fair are now under the control of freshly nominated Italian director Massimo Torrigiani whose objective is to manage and intensify the latest signs of vision that are evolving all along the Chinese area. Torrigiani’s desire is to keep SH Contemporary winning position as the most significant contemporary art fair in the Chinese territory; it would be ideal for the fair to become the key of access to enlarge international business and plans in the Chinese and Asia Pacific markets. 

The art fair SH Contemporary is then determined to continue being at the summit of its contest by offering first and foremost Asian art pieces produced by this era’s most invigorating artists. The Shanghai Art Fair will display a great assortment of both international and national art pieces that have previously consisted of innovative works of art from artists such as Chagall, Picasso, Renoir, Dali, Zhu Dequn, Monet, Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian


On the other hand, the Shanghai Art Fair has greeted well over 1000 galleries coming from more than 50 countries all along the previous ten years. This year is going to be the turn for the American Pavilion, where, present for the first time, the artists from the West are going to carry a lot of insights to the East interweaving an artistic matching connection in unparalleled fashion.
The fifth edition of SH Contemporary is going to take place from September the 8th to the 10th at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The occasion will correspond with a considerable display of events that will be based in the region of Shanghai those days. Instead, the 15th edition of the Shanghai Art Fair will be occurring at ShanghaiMART the subsequent week (September 14th to 18th ).

SH Contemporary 2011 will take place from September the 8th to September the 10th 2011in Shanghai Exhibition Centre

Opening Hours: from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Shanghai Exhibiton Centre no. 1000 Yan An Road (middle) Shanghai 200040


Shanghai Art Fair 2011 will take place from September the 14th to September the 18th 2011 at ShanghaiMART

Opening Hours: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

99,Xingyi Road, Shanghai

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