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USA: Military planes transformed into exceptional works of art


Published on Monday, July 25th, 2011
An unusual exhibition has opened in the Hamptons, entitled “Nose Job,” in which art dealer Eric Firestone asked two dozen artists to transform bullet-shaped fronts of military airplanes into works of extraordinary art.

In the past pilots and bombardiers from World War I through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the noses served as canvases, perhaps as a means to humanize these killing machines. Images ranged from barely clothed World War II-era pin-ups to morbidly humorous skeletons, sharks, dragons, Bugs Bunny, Dagwood Bumstead, Bart Simpson or a sweetheart’s name scrawled across the nose.

Firestone, with the help of curator Carlo McCormick, has pooled together artists including Dan Colen, Ryan McGinness and Mr. Pettibon to reflect on this interesting traditional and transform airplane fronts with a contemporary twist. “Nose Job” runs until August 21st.


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