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International: Is Libya taking artistic advantage of its dramatic situation? Unesco takes action


UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova made a message to Libyans, particularly to those people involved in the art and antiquities market, to avoid to avoid from illegal behavior in this time of war linked with the dealing of cultural items.

The action of looting, concealment and stealing are officially punished by the 1970 UNESCO convention. 
Bokova stated to the press: “”Cultural heritage is principally important for the citizens’ ability to keep their identity and self-respect , benefit from their diversity and history, build better future for themselves. 
With thoughts of this eternal truth I call for Libyan people and neighbouring countries’ citizens, everybody engaged in international rare book shop trading, spare no effort to protect Libya’s inappreciable cultural heritage. 
I immediately connected with these countries and underlined importance of fight with illegal trading and export of cultural values.
The next step will see professionals of the art market to carefully control items coming from Libya and to be particularly attentive by demonstrating the international report of artworks taken without legal rights in order to make certain that the item departed the country in a legal way.
Throughout the course of the war in Iraq, out-of-law exported works developed rapidly on the market, particularly from museums. 
Art collectors have as a consequence had to pay particular attention to the work's place of origin.


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