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UK: Is English Baccalaureate to the detriment of art?


The most prominent arts establishments, such as the Cultural Learning Alliance (CLA) and Arts Council England, worry that arts subjects could be chopped down from secondary school education in England subsequent to the presentation of the English Baccalaureate. This represents a method for positioning pupils on the base of grades accomplished in five core subjects: mathematics, science, English, a language of choice and also geography or history.

Proclaimed during November 2010 by means of the white paper, “The Importance of Teaching”, the calculation has not up till now substituted GCSEs as an acknowledged requirement, even though the apprehension is that the omission of arts subjects will conduct to a diminution in teaching assets and an elimination of the arts from the curriculum overall.

Both practitioners and teachers, other that the parliament's educations select committee are claiming for a re-evaluation of the English Baccalaureate. A statement by the committee, published in July, confirmed that: “The Department for Education’s decision not to include music and art in the English Baccalaureate could be seen as odd in light of the government’s view that 'Involvement with the arts has a dramatic and lasting effect on young people'.”


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