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France: Museum of Modern Art goes the whole hog


The Modern Museum of Art in the City of Paris has had, during the month of May 2010, over five master paintings for an estimated value of over € 100 million. To date, the art pieces have yet not been found, but the city’s mayor announced last Friday that the police have arrested several suspects. Three people were charged and have remained under custody until then. These would be the main thieves and possessors of stolen goods, in this case.

The arrest should hopefully lead the way to the discovery of the stolen paintings which account for the major artists of the twentieth century: Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Leger and Modigliani.

Since the break, security - which was heavily criticized for its lax until then - has been strengthened. Defective parts of the audible alarm system were replaced. The grilles on the windows have been consolidated. The number of personnel for night patrols has been decisively increased.


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