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France: an artistic meltin'pot

The Chaib-Sedduk Contemporary Art Project (CSCA) is responsible for the project management and artistic representation of French, European and American artists of all generations. It was created in 1998 in the city of New York.On Friday, October 21st, from 18h to 20h, a huge event is going to be thrown: the opening night of the CSCA's Paris office. Two artists have been selected in order to illustrate the spirit of the company, respectively Mikhail Kovalevsky and Isabelle Méglinky.Kovalevsky is a young Russian artist who gives life to his ideas in various forms of art. The young Russian is clearly influenced by abstract expressionism and it is probably due to his artistic inspiration from a twentieth century movement that he was chosen for the inauguration of the CSCA in Paris. On the other hand, artist Isabelle Méglinky will also exhibit her work, including a number of sculptures made in slate.David Gillet will be the guest of honor throughout the evening and will present, exclusively for the opening of CSCA Paris, his series Military Eggs. The works represent the view of reality as perceived by the artist.
The CSCA New York often organizes exhibitions and works with many renowned artists. It allows such artists to get some credit with multiple partners within the world art market. The Chaib-Sedduk deals with artists of every age and style. This ability to work with such diverse mediums allowed the CSCA to open an office in Paris this fall, but also to launch shortly in 2012 offices in both Los Angeles and Berlin.

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