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International: Street Art quarrel involving Banksy and King Robbo


Their quarrel has been compared by The Times to the same rivalry between Picasso and Matisse.

English artist King Robbo has lately artistically responded to Banksy, who had rounded part on top of a graffiti by King Robbo dating from 25 years ago. The dispute was revived and we can see several frescoes in London with the hand of King Robbo questioning the work of Banksy.

Channel 4 has explored the rivalry between the two Street Art artists through a documentary called "Graffiti Wars" which reopens the debate since it suggests that at this time Banksy holds a huge deal of responsibility in the current health state of King Robbo, who is currently in a coma.

However, given the health of King Robbo, a Street Art sale has been organized in support to the family of the artist. Street Art figures of the calibre of Blek Le Rat and PureEvil gave their art works for this occasion. The organizers have sent the same request toBanksy, who has not yet responded to this call.


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