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DPR-Daily Press Release: Foundation Louis Vuitton, 9/11 Memorial debate, Max Mara Art Prize

Fondation Louis Vuoitton

The French Senate has given permission to Bernard Arnault to construct his Foundation Louis Vuitton pour la Création which will contain Arnault’s art collection, with artworks ranging from Picasso, Yves Klein, Richard Serra and Mark Rothko. The architect Frank Gehry, who previously dealt with the Guggenheim in Bilbao and Abu Dhabi, will deal with its construction according to Forbes. Permission has been given to Arnault after having been taken away due to the fact that the garden in which the museum should be build on is a “site classé”, that is, a place protected by the Arts, therefore no constructions would be normally allowed. In this case though, after claiming the procedure to be “cavalier legislatif”, it could come to life.



The plans brought forward to install the unidentified remains of 1,123 victims of the World Trade Center attack in a wall of the upcoming National September 11 Memorial and Museum have caused the reactions of the victims' families, who don’t agree with the bones and ashes being put in a museum, which makes it a rather dark spectacle. In addition, as The New York

Times explains, the remains would be celebrated with a citation from book nine of Virgil's "Aeneid" — "No day shall erase you from the memory of time"  - which conveys an odd literary connection: that of the warrior.


The Guardian discloses Max Mara Art Prize Shortlist: See the work of the five finalists for the Whitechapel gallery's women-artists-only biannual award, that awards a six-month residency in Italy, a show at Whitechapel, and finances to complete a project. (curated by eleonora galasso)



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