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Romania: Europa Nostra & UNESCO urge to save Rosia Montana site

Europa Nostra sent a letter to

Prime Minister of Romania Emil Boc in which the institution requires action to save Rosia Montana as part of Romania’s cultural heritage.

Europa Nostra is a European organization in conjunction with UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union. It takes care of European heritage.
Three missions are entrusted to it: the first is to award the prize of the European Union Cultural Heritage - Europa Nostra Awards - which recognizes the best achievements in the field of safeguarding cultural heritage.
The second is to fight against either natural or human degradation.
And at last, it is lobbying in order to promote the achievement of its objectives.

The letter "encourages" the Romanian government to "ensure the highest degree of protection to the unique cultural and natural heritage, Rosia Montana. "  Europa Nostra has already held a hearing in Brussels at which the Romanian government has extended its development project which consists in the initiation of gold mining.
In addition to these projects that could be dangerous, archaeological excavations dating back four years ago have deteriorated some sites that are in urgent need of protection. Europa Nostra therefore decided to refer to the executive.

 The agency would like the Minister of Culture Keleman Hunor to support the request for registration under cultural heritage protected by UNESCO and asks Emil Boc to ensure the preservation of the site meeting the objectives of economic development region.


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