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DPR-Daily Press Review: The Olympics of contemporary art, Surrealist art loses a star, a new face for HK art scene, is Britain's contemporary art world a delusion?


The Olympics of contemporary art: The Washington Post reports that the highest attendance yet from 89 different countries will be represented at the 54th Venice Biennale edition. A revealing title “IllumiNations” will commence next weekend. The curator of the show Bice Curiger stated “I began to reflect on the institution of the Biennale, and that is how I found the name IllumiNations, which refers to the fact that we are in Venice, and light is an old theme of art whereas nations refers to the situation of the national pavilions”.

While surprisingly, Hong Kong is lacking a museum of contemporary art, a non-profit art space Para/Site has been a valuable stand in. After much speculation and anticipation, a new curator and top executive has finally been chosen. His name is Cosmin Costinas. A fresh new face, Costinas, born in Romania, is a critic and writer of 29 years old. The Wall Street Journal suggests that growth and exciting changes should be expected to come out of the Para/Site and the HK art scene.

BBC News announces that Leonora Carrington, Surrealist artist, has died. Her life work of paintings and sculptures contributed to the original Surrealist movement. She attended school in Florence and London and has lived most of her life in Mexico. In 2005 at Christie’s, her piece entitled “The Juggler” was sold for the highest sum of a living Surrealist artist. This record as well as her style which is known for its dreamy illusive nature is a testament to the strong impression she made not only in the historic movement of Surrealism but on the contemporary art world.

Could the art scene in Britain be an illusion of imaginary pretext? The Guardian compares Britain's contemporary art to its economy of late which is working on false credit. A mass accumulation of artists can be found, and yes some good ones of course, but where are all the great artists that inspire and make an impact? To be certainly continued…

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