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International: Folkestone Triennial-planting art seeds of rejuvenation


Published on Monday, June 27th, 2011

A sense of place is important in shows at the Folkstone Triennial. But what if the place is depressing and dreary? The gray town of Folkestone, UK is both a gateway and an isolated frontier on the coast. Migration and exile are among the themes of A Million Miles From Home, the second edition of this year’s Triennial. Can a place reinvent itself through art?

This triennial represents 19 artists from around the globe. Among them are Cornelia Parker, Charles Avery and Hew Locke. The show started last weekend and runs until September 25th. Curated by Andrea Schlieker, the event aims to introduce contemporary art to a town with no museum or gallery-- virtually no visual culture. Though the project was initially met with skepticism, it seems the community of Folkestone is tremendously supportive and this year’s event was greeted with anticipation and enthusiasm. 

It seems the Triennial has come a long way. The potential of art to kindle transformation and rejuvenation is brilliantly apparent as the event is certainly stirring up changes in Folkestone. 


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