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International: Prospect.2 New Orleans chills out


Published on Monday, June 27th, 2011
The darling Biennial Prospect.1 New Orleans was forced to cancel in 2009 being $1 million in debt and was delayed for one year. The event is now ready to make a come back, in a toned down manner. While perhaps not as monumental as Prospect 1, Curator Dan Cameron seems to believe through a more introspective and affordable plan, Prospect.2 will, nonetheless, dazzle Crescent City.

Running from October 22 to January 29, a range of international artists will be represented from as far as Vietnam, Poland and Chile. Among the artists will be France's Sophie Calle, Italy's Francesco Vezzoli, and William Eggleston and Nick Cave of the United States, as well as Dawn DeDeaux and Bruce Davenport Jr., who are New Orleans locals. While there is no theme to the biennial, many artists will explore environmental topics.

The economic crisis is unquestionably changing the way contemporary art fairs take action. As this biennial, and the world, tightens its financial belt, Prospect.2 will certainly be leaner. Were the directors of Prospect.1 over zealous? Will this year’s biennial continue to be adored despite a subdued tone?


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