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DPR-Daily Press Review: The last art bonanza for Britain?, Bantu artists spawning new aesthetic values, A new museum is born-Chengdu, China


Published on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Were the recent sales in London the last great British sales reserve of contemporary art? While the buzz has been that the art market is drawing nearer to the peak of 2008, yet will a new tax put this new found health in jeopardy? The European Union is scheduled to implement part two of the Droit de Suite in Britain next year. The Telegraph explains that while the tax already exists in mainland Europe, Britain has one last chance to persuade Brussels that the tax will redirect sales away from Europe, upsetting all the respective economies that thrive on a healthy art trade.

The Biennial of Contemporary Bantu Art, representing a living and breathing creative spirit in African art, exhibits artists conveying deep devotion to native methods. However, African Colors suggest that a slew of Bantu artistic styles are exercised, while tied tightly to cultural roots, artists draw their inspiration from purely African sources and at the same time, they employ Western techniques. Unfolding before our eyes, contemporary Bantu artists seem to be creating new aesthetic values.

Springing up in the most surprising of places, a new museum opened last Friday, July 1st: Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chengdu High-tech Zone in southern Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province. Finally a cultural wellspring for the region, the museum showcases diverse artworks and moreover will hold a series of innovative interactive activities as well as educational programs. China Daily conveys the nationís seemingly constant inventive projects to promote contemporary art.

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