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Italy: Contemporary art show at the Vatican


Published on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Wishing to strengthen ties between the cultural world and the Roman Catholic Church, on Monday, July 4th, the Pope Benedict XVI reviewed work by 60 artists during the opening day of a project he envisioned.

"Splendour of the truth, beauty of the Truth", is an exhibition displaying artworks at the Vatican's Paul VI Audience Hall. The pope has assembled artists, architects, sculptors and musicians mostly all of which are European, some of whom are displaying works created specifically for the event.

In the 20th century a gap between religious faith and artistic creativity widened whereas previously through the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance and Baroque era of the 17th century Christianity inspired a greater extent of the artwork produced.

Seemingly a common trend, the Vatican has been attempting to sway the art world closer to Catholicism. In 2009, the pope invited 260 artists to the Sistine Chapel. Looking back to 1964, one recalls Paul VI apologizing for the Church's intolerance towards art.

What is contemporary art’s role in today’s Catholicism?


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