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Africa: The dream lives on-Zimbabwe School of Arts


Published on Saturday, July 9th, 2011

After 31 years of Independence, the proposed Zimbabwean School of the Arts remains a dream. Seen as an urgently required cultural asset, the school project seems to have the potential to further evolve the creative economy of Zimbabwe as well as progress the country toward becoming a significant player in the African and International art scene. According to recent studies, the capacity for the arts to fetch an estimated US$2,7 billion in revenue for the country’s economy is highly feasible.

Following their independence in 1980, many abandoned attempts have been made to introduce a Sadc Regional School of the Arts, with the support of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Neighbouring regional countries have ignored the Zimbabwean prototype Sadc School of Art proposal, founded and based in Harare, as they have independently through their own government efforts built schools and other art institutions.

It is important to note that in May 2001, as part of the National Development Plan, An agreement was formed between the Government of Botswana and the Botswana society of the Arts who were allocated 10,3 hectares of land in Gaborone. Botswana has since fulfilled their goal.

Where does this leave Zimbabwe? Will the dream be made a reality? Given it's already world famed contemporary sculpture, paintings and installations, the building of a Zimbabwean School of the Arts would be a compelling power in the country's progress towards becoming an international player in the contemporary art world.


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