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International: Welsh artist Marc Rees igniting public's imagination


Published on Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Marc Rees, one of Wales’ leading performance artists, envisions transforming the whole country into a stage in time for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Pushing the limits of public participation in a performance art piece, Rees’s projected piece is entitled "Adian Avion", in which he plans to renovate a wingless, recycled fuselage of an abandoned DC9 plane and create a mobile arts space. Moreover he wants to engage viewers by hauling the entire length of it to Wales so everyone can make use of it as a kind of blank canvas.

The Welsh winner of the £230,000 commission for Artists Taking The Lead, the Cultural Olympiad’s inspirational flagship project was designed to engage the UK public by giving them the opportunity to be part of London 2012.

The extremely ambitious plan involves the 105ft DC9 being hauled into a “nesting” site in four select locations around the country by a team of residents from local sports clubs, youth groups and other community organisations. Once settled, the structure will host a programme of cultural activities, incorporating contemporary artists and reflecting the distinctive culture of each region.

Moreover, to encapsulate the grand undertaking, the activities taking place along the journey will be captured on the plane’s adapted black box recorder and shown to the 16,000 person crowds at Llandow, coinciding with the final week of the Olympics.


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