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International: A Refitting-China as creator or manufacturer?


Published on Monday, July 11th, 2011

It seems that China is very eager to evolve from being the world’s biggest workshop to being a research and development center especially in the arena of art and design.

The kind of knock-offs, counterfeits, and an array of trinkets that can be found in any big Chinese city, are now appearing in “Daringdesign,” an exhibition running through November 20th at the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam. Themes of consumer culture as well as the challenge of Chinese designers to develop a more meaningful approach pervade this exhibition. Another show invoking similar themes is, “China New Design,” which will be presented at La Triennale Design Museum in Milan until September 11th. Provoking work by emerging Chinese designers in both the Rotterdam and Milan are proving themselves in exhibitions particularly compelling in graphics and fashion.

China’s ardor to progress is ever apparent in the opening of more than a hundred new design schools in China in recent years. When will China develop a self-motivated design culture? Inherently critical to global design: what sort of culture it will be? 


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