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And the winner is... an account of Baloise Prize and a walk through St Alban
The Baloise Group has for the 13th time the delight of donating the Baloise Art Prize at Art 42 Basel. A jury of international experts presented yesterday the two prizes. We went to it after a walk at St.Alban's neighborhood, turned into an astonishing artistic hub...


Published on Tuesday, June the 15th, 2011 

The Baloise Group has for the 13th time the delight of donating the Baloise Art Prize at Art 42 Basel. A jury of international experts presented yesterday the two prizes, of the sum of CHF 30,000 each at the Art Statements sector of Art Basel. The prize consists of the purchase of a set of works produced by the awarded artists. Baloise Group is going to buy the artworks to then donate them to two significant museum institutions in Europe: the Austrian MUMOK, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig and the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

The jury this year is composed by many relevant personalities in the art world, ranging from Karola Kraus, Director of the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig of Vienna; Petra Roettig, Director of the Galerie der Gegenwart located in the German Hamburger Kunsthall; Daniel Birnbaum, Director of the Swedish Moderna Museet located in Stockholm; Thomas Olbricht, the man behind Me Collectors Room in Berlin and, last but not least, Martin Schwander, Fine Art Advisor of the Baloise Group and Chairman of the jury.

Yesterday the prize has been officially given out respectively to Alejandro Cesarco from Uruguay and Ben Rivers from the UK. According to the board of judges, the work of the award winners is differently exemplified: 

Alejandro Cesarco thrives in effectively connecting the words of American Conceptual Art and accounts of corruption with huge deal of innovation. By acting like this, he makes use of a great assortment of artistic shapes such as photography, text, the spoken language and the artist‘s book, joining them together into his installation. In his prize-winning work The Streets Were Dark With Something More Than Night or The Closer I Get To The End The More I Rewrite The Beginning, (2011), it is possible to listen to the inimitable Lawrence Wiener’s tone of voice, with which Cesarco adds force to his enquiry into the Conceptual Art of American artists of the calibre of Louise Lawler, John Baldessari and Andrea Fraser. Cesarco generates an area of various relations and sequence of events where observers can with no trouble lose themselves.


The second artist to which the Baloise prize was adjudicated is Ben Rivers, who conducts a survey upon elapsed spaces and life stories. His intention lies in delivering the impression of a gradually progressing procedure. In Sack Barrow, (2011) Rivers has pictured the concluding living times of an electro-plating industrial unit located in London. Rivers’ film condenses the fate of an outdated manufacturing globe in surprisingly lyrical, inspiring pictures. The artist has shaped an expressive portrayal of a fading era.

Walking out of the Art Statements sector and into the city of Basel, starting from today, until Sunday, June 19th, ten spots will be altered by the installation of site-specific art pieces and performances produced by some prominent international artists such as Anne Chu, Federico Herrero, Ai Weiwei, Kris Martin, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Chris Johanson, Joan Jonas, Yinka Shonibare, MBE and Gabriel Sierra.

This year's Art Parcours sector for Art 42 Basel will introduce artworks at numerous sites in the town of Basel. Last year the section Art Parcours was initiated with its first edition, which took place on the Münsterhügel; this year the neighbourhood of St. Alban Tal will be transformed with the juxtaposition of different artworks to be visited for free by all public. 


This assortment of high-calibre installations, curated by Jens Hoffmann, Director of the CCA Wattis Institute of San Francisco, will connect with Basel’s historical and contemporary, entwining artistic involvements into the structure of Basel itself. The selected locations within the neighbourhood of St. Alban comprise a great cargo ship, fishing houses along the river, segments of the wall belonging to the old city, the Haus Zum Hohen Dolder (identified for one of the oldest wall painting portraying the myth of Wilhelm Tell), the St. Alban church, and the Brunnenwerk St Alban, an old water tank.

The program will be balanced by the dance performance Bodies in urban spaces by Willi Dorner in collaboration with Kaserne Basel and with an extraordinary occurrence highlighting bands and DJs liked with the Henrik Olesen show at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

curated by eleonora galasso 

Art Parcours is newly open to the public and free of cost from Wednesday June 15 until Saturday June 18, from 2pm to 10pm daily, (from 2pm to 7pm on Sunday, June 19). On Thursday June 16, from 8pm to midnight, the new 'Art Parcours Night,' featuring various performances and concerts, will be held on the river bank. Food and drinks will also be served. Chris Johanson's band, 'Sun Foot,' (Ron Burns, Brian Mumford) will be performing on a stage specially designed for the purpose. 


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