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42 ArtBasel: I heard it through the grapevine


A Very Private Dinner: The night previous to the VIP preview of Art 42 Basel, June 15-19, 2011, a dashing diner placé was offered by White Cube galleries and Lehmann Maupin at the Voltahalle in honour to the artist Ashley Bickerton. The dinner was pleasant and short, since most people needed to get their beauty sleep in order to start fresh their first preview day the following morning. 

Blickerton was present, among all, wearing his undying tan and accompanied by a circle or rather, circus of friends such as Turkish collectors Attila and Bamu Tacir and artist Marc Quinn. Rumours have it that the Tacirs are among the collectors at this time totally charmed by Bickerton’s new art pieces. During this time, Bickerton’s oeuvre (esteemed worth per piece goes between $85,000 and $135,000) displays the shadowy side of Edenic island existence. The beautiful Joanne Heyler was also present in order Eli Broad, an historical enthusiast of the artist. 


Holy Molly! The charming persona of Mollie Dent Brocklehurst was seen wheeling about at the Pace Gallery stand, which is working to provide a gigantic improvement to the unrelenting artist Sterling Ruby’s work. The curly haired director of the new Pace London, stated that the spot will be officially revealed very soon during this week. Wait and see…


Gigantic Kauffman: There he is, with a grin on his face... This is the first year of many, we hope, for Frank Lloyd Gallery, which is flying to the small Swiss city directly from Los Angeles. The collector turned gallerist carried with him a display of art pieces conceived by artist Craig Kauffman.In this picture we see the galerist posing in front of the biggest work ever created by Kauffman. Want to know the initial price this is going for? $250,000. Lloyd is passionate about the art from the 1960s era. Particularly,  the L.A. artist herein presented availed himself of vacuum-forged plastic to craft huge wall reliefs in inhuman, artificial colours. Guggenheim Museum director Richard Armstrong complimented the galerist and thinks of Kauffman as a “fantastic artist.” He put up a show of the artist at the time when he was curator at the Whitney Museum. Now the question is: who will the buyer be?


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